We’re not a recruitment company for the moment and do not have a database of CVs. We cannot build a bigger and better database than linkedIn, no one can.

If it’s a database of old/stale CVs/profiles that you need, LinkedIn in the place to go.

If you need FRESH/FAST applications from Candidates who actually WANT a job, you’re in the right place. All you need to do is to post your job advert, we approve it and it goes live.

When candidates apply for the job, their cover letter and CV comes directly to your inbox. Simple! We like to keep it like that.

Job listings are totally FREE for up to 3 days for any amount of jobs you choose to post.

You can upgrade to our premium Membership where you can post unlimited 30 day jobs, give us a call on 5 472 9515.

We have the best job listing deal on the island, seriously.

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